Sundays Should Feel Like…

…your favorite book paired with your favorite drink. Like you’ve been lying in a hammock all day and now your hair’s a little lighter and your cheeks a little redder. Like you’ve successfully prepped your work meals for the days ahead. Like you have an unlimited budget for books and tea.

It should definitely NOT feel like a cold and gloomy Monday is about to happen (in April?!)

But that’s the reality for some of us. Messy hair, foggy brain Sundays happen. They just do! So while I figure out what I’m packing for work this week while also wondering what to wear for the next five days, I’m taking comfort in future personal projects, potential weekend adventures, and the sunny, 60-degree weather that’s coming my way on Wednesday. Until then, well, let’s just push through this particularly weird Sunday feeling and read on, eat on, and breathe on. I’ve been listening to the podcast Literary Disco all day and it’s 100% helping. You should too!

So happy Sunday. Hope yours is decent. Better than decent. Maybe even great!

(As always, tell me what you’re reading/eating/listening to/enjoying!)