A Meeting of the Ears: Literary Podcasts

Two things I’m good at when it comes to books: Buying them (and letting them pile up on my bookshelf where I stare at them thinking I should really get to reading all of those once I’m finished rereading this book I’ve already read three times…) and listening to podcasts about them. Podcasts are an escape for me. And if I can escape into a world of literature nerds, that’s all I really need out of most evenings and weekend mornings. SO. Let’s get to the list. It’s short. But…it’s sweet.

  • Overdue: Described as a podcast that delves into “the books you’ve been meaning to read,” I think it’s safe to say that hosts Andrew and Craig are some of my favorite podcast hosts I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. I’m on a serious Overdue binge right now which might actually prevent me from going ahead and reading the books for myself because I’m too busy listening to these two talk about them. Seriously, give it a listen.
  • Literary Disco: For the rare percentage of people who watched Boy Meets World thinking I wish Shawn Hunter hosted a literary podcast…Well, you’re in luck. Hosts Rider Strong, Julia Pistell, and Tod Goldberg (all with Bennington College MFA roots, but you can read how they all technically met here) dive into books, essays, and stories in a way that The Rumpus describes as “a comfortable balance of high and low culture”. This one’s also a podcast I’ve been known to binge-listen. (Binge-hear? Binge-podcast? Binge-listen-to?)
  • Literary Punk: I am all about this. The name, the premise, the vibe. All of it. Self-described as “Reading the weird beauty, the radical influence, the punkness of great literary texts,” I stumbled upon this podcast while prepping for a book club read of Ursula K. LeGuin’s THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS. I have to admit I’m still new to this podcast, so I can’t tell if it’s binge-worthy or not yet. But still. It’s got the word PUNK in the name. So why not give it a go?
  • NYTimes Book Review: An ~oldie but a goodie~, this is the book podcast I go for when I want to listen in on thorough and intelligent conversations about authors, books, and publishing trends without feeling like a complete idiot. Rather, it feels like I’ve just learned A LOT. While I was big into this podcast when Sam Tanenhaus was host a few years back, the amazing Pamela Paul has stepped in and is equally as thorough and educational.

As always, now I want to hear from YOU. Are you a podcast freak like I am? Tell me all about it and throw some of your favorites my way. I’m all ears. (Get it? All ears…?)


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